Arie’s Women Tell All

Top 10 Most Memorable Moments of The Women Tell All

1. Seeing previously unaired footage of Chelsea saying THIS to the producers in a private interview: “When Bekah was learning to finger paint, Arie was learning about fucking people in college.” Shit, girl!

2.  Some more sneaky footage of Krystal post-bowling date in a fit of rage calling Arie “needle dick” and the rest of the girls cunts. Niceeeee.

3.  Olivia of Night 1 and Night 1 only asks Krystal about her change in voice. Krystal explains that she lost her voice on the show, and that speaking slower and more controlled helped soothe her vocal chords. She’s all better now, and her sexy voice has been put to bed. Thanks for the medical explanation.

4.  Krystal pulls the ultimate pivot after being caught in dramatic crossfire from her fellow contestations: she tells the audience that after she was sent home, she got word that her brother who had been homeless for a couple of years saw her on the show. Seeing Krystal talk about him made him realize that people really do care about him, and he is now off the streets and seeking help. Through choked back tears, Krystal tells us that this has made Bachelor experience completely worth it.

5.  Seinne says it all with this: “When you watch the show you only get to see a small part of who we are.” I wish that we could see more than the one thing this show chooses to highlight. Seinne is more than Yale, Bekah is more than 22, Marikh is more than pro-glam, etc. Show us these nuances, you fucking crooks!

6.  Bekah clears the air on the whole missing person thing. Yes, Bachelor Nation, she was indeed on a marijuana farm with no cell service, and her loving mother called the police after not hearing from her daughter for almost a week. Chris Harrison hands Bekah a phone so she can call her mom on stage and let her know that she’s going to be missing for a few weeks this summer because…she is headed to PARADISE! Can’t flippin’ wait!

7.  Tia’s hot seat portion was her Bachelorette audition. She had practiced for this interview. She was ready. The one thing she couldn’t have prepared for was Chris Harrison telling her that after Arie sent her home, he came back into the mansion and told Chris that he wasn’t sure he had done the right thing. FUCKING BRUTAL.

8.  When Arie joins his exes in front of a studio audience, Jacqueline takes a moment to let the people know that Arie never made her feel like shit for pursuing her PhD. At the end of the day they are two people who want two different things. It wasn’t meant to be.

9.  We finally get a glimpse of the unedited/non-curated Arie, and this was the most I enjoyed him all season. He was the realest telling Krystal that even though she feels his goodbye to her was cold, he feels it was appropriate given the circumstances. MORE OF THIS ALWAYS THANK YOU.

10.  Caroline’s emotional soapbox speech where she tells Arie that she knows what the fuck he did and she doesn’t know HOW he could do something like that looks to me like Becca K gets dicked over. I really hope it’s not that simple, because this seems almost too easy to figure out. Chris Harrison promises that the ending of this story is unlike anything we have ever seen. Are we being gaslit? Is it true? The relationship America has with this show is not unlike the ones the final contestants have with the Bachelor. Does he mean what he says when he tells me he’s falling for me? Only time will tell if we are being duped again…

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