Episode 9: Love Lost and Found

Derek and Taylor

It’s finally over. Throughout the entire finale I vacillated between feeling pissed and feeling blessed. Here are my thoughts on the final episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Season 4:

  1. I still don’t fully understand WHY Lacey and Daniel were cast onto this show. Of course it was revealed during the finale that these two had met and hooked up prior to their time in Mexico. It was an obvious move for the franchise to bring back Daniel because he’s “entertaining” and BONUS there’s a girl from the franchise that has expressed an interest in him -an interest that he’s incapable of fully reciprocating. Why couldn’t we have just left these two idiots to bomb their “relationship” in the real world? Yes, Finale Lacey was easily the most tolerable Lacey we’ve seen all season, and big ups to her for DRAGGING Daniel’s ass for playing games with her heart, but still…Daniel and Lacey were on this season of Bachelor in Paradise…


  1. What the hell was that half-ass, jerry rigged, outta left field “break-up” between Jasmine and the Tickle Monster. They were never a thing, and you know it. This was as unnecessary as bringing the demonic Ferguson twins back for 12 hours total and then editing the full season recap reel to feature them almost exclusively. All set.


  1. Did the network push Amanda to finally give into Robby’s thirsty courtship? Why was she so upset when she told Robby that they should leave Mexico separately? Amanda can be mousey, but she was clearly stressed as hell telling Robby he didn’t make the cut and I want to know why. WHY? Also, Robby, you have no right to be MAD when Amanda tells you buhh-byeee. She’s not turning down an engagement after lengthy conversations about your shared future. All you did was throw glowsticks into a pool and pretend to admire her “take it nice and slow” attitude. Also, fetching avocado toast for Amanda in Mexico does not a stepfather make. You are not ready for the realness that is Amanda and her insta famous kiddos. Lastly, Robby’s interactions with Amanda during the studio portion of the finale led me to believe that he’s still super bitter about her turning him down. It seemed like he was playing super earnest in Mexico but SURPRISE he was never actually ready for a serious relationship. Amanda was generous enough to give him a second chance once they were back in LA and of course he proved himself not worthy and she ultimately said goodbye. AGAIN.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, DeMario for being open about going to therapy. I have a dream that one day everyone on planet earth will have a therapist. And love it.


  1. Raven loves a good surprise. She messed with Nick during her hometown date when her brother showed up in uniform to “reprimand” them for climbing the water tower in Hoxie. It was adorable to see her playfulness again as she surprised Adam and brought her parents on stage to meet him for the first time. Adam was shocked but stepped right up to give a big hug and handshake to the Gates’. We also know Raven has a special, close relationship with her father. We learned on her hometown date with Nick that he bounced back from cancer and how this experience brought her family closer together. Seeing Raven’s dad give her a big hug and kiss on stage warmed my heart almost as much as seeing Jasmine and Alexis light up and freak out when they saw their bestie’s parents. This is what dreams are made of.


  1. Everyone deserves an Adam.” – Raven


  1. Derek and Taylor’s story and engagement is a necessary reminder of how we often only see a single dimensional representation of the contestants during their first go at a Bachelor franchise show. Taylor was the emotionally intelligent self-righteous mental health vigilante on Nick’s season, and Derek was the hot but semi-boring dude with epic tear ducts on Jojo’s season. Throw these two in Mexico and we see two different sides of them. Taylor is silly and strong, and – surprise! – she’s friends with the other girls. Derek’s got Dad jokes, and he’s capable of having challenging conversations after fucking up. I loved seeing the genuine happiness unfold from their initial interactions by the campfire to an emotional, endearing, honest proposal. It’s actually amazing how this trashy spinoff has bred arguably some of the more stable couples within the franchise (Jade and Tanner; Carly and Evan). The possibility of witnessing a reality TV love spectacle like this is what keeps me coming back to rot on the couch season after season.  Thanks for coming to Paradise, Taylor and Derek.  You guys are the best.





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  1. I love this. 1) Yes to everything Taylor and Derek. Such a good way to end, both on the show and in your recaps. Also, I love seeing how differently we interpret some things. Like I took Amanda crying as her being freaked out about hurting/upsetting Robby (been there done that, shaky cry included lol)

    Can’t wait for what you have in store for next season!

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